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Lucky Me by Ryan Deehan

My name is Ollie Fhorten, and I’m the unluckiest sonovabitch alive. “Anne Safton, 32. She was a nurse…” I huffed and spat as the water mingled with my own sweat and blood trickling down my face. The warehouse echoed with the sounds of late night traffic outside, his words and his steady tread as he paced around me. There was a leak in the ceiling and it dripped steadily on me. Oil stained the concrete floor I could see in the little circle of light provided by the lamp above my head. “Mark Lafort. 21. Full ride at, what is this? I can’t fucking read this. Her handwriting is awful.” Ah. Her. A few things clicked into place for me. If she was behind this, the names suddenly made sense. I sighed and settled back into my chair, hands bound to the arm rests. “You gettin’ comfy on me boy?” His fist snapped my head back and sent my ears ringing, nose howling. I yelped and hunched over myself. Christ, I hate getting punched in the face. “I didn’t pay you to beat him, Mr. Moray,” she said, her voice…